Welcome to the Half-Wet home page. Half-Wet is a conceptual homegoods studio, run by Christina Johnston in Queens, NY.
Christina studied Industrial Design at RISD and Aesthetic Philosophy at Brown.

We are currently selling our porcelain vases, silicone ice trays, rings, and scarves via email or dm on instagram, while preparing to launch our new studio site and webshop in October 2019. For purchases, wholesale, or projects please contact christina@half-wet.com. Instagram: @half_wet. Site by Matt Wolff.

— Growth Porcelain: a method to create thin, translucent porcelain vessels from wall insulation foam. Vessels: Large 8 × 14 in., Medium 6 × 8.5 in.

— Handmade Silicone, Ice Tray: a response to the growing desire for handmade objects. Fingerprints from the process remain embedded in the silicone, transferring to the ice that it makes. Food safe. 8.5 × 8.5 in. approx.

— Security Blanket, Car Couple: an image taken from surveillance footage of a couple on the hood of a car. Coming soon.

— Low Res Rugs: images circulating online, knit and felted into soft surfaces. One image is of a loaf, the other is of a spectral orb in a garden. Loaf Rug 22 × 30 in., Orb Rug 24 × 42 in.

— Interpersonal Showering: A collection of five soaps, each embodying a different person through aesthetic decisions and a single hair. Each person received a set of all five, and took a shower with them. Documented in photos and conversations.

— Drape Rings 1, 2, and 3: these rings are made by virtually draping a piece of the band over itself, and cast in precious metals.

— Confessions, Scarves: an ongoing series of poems made from things people say online about their personal belongings. Scarves read, "Really clean no problems at all" and "That's it that's all it does".